Array Analytics was established to envision the future of forecasting in competitive markets -- and then make that vision a reality.

Forecasting has evolved through three main phases: at first societies consulted individual oracles, then we encouraged experts to collaborate with one another, and then we deemed everyone an authority and waited for a collective sentiment to emerge from the "crowd."  It's not unlike the movement of government through phases of monarchy, aristocracy and democracy.

We believe a confluence of several commercial, social and technological forces has set the stage for a new kind of forecasting that combines the depth of experts with the breadth of the crowd, where a central hub or platform plays a coordinating role and allows everyone to participate while giving demonstrated experts more influence.  Think of it as an automated meritocracy.  

Array's patented "smart collaboration" engine thoughtfully aggregates customer personalities, preferences, and purchases into actionable insights about where a marketplace is headed.  To date we have proved our platform in the areas of individual equities, peer-to-peer lending and foreign exchange, and our approach can be applied to many other markets and information exchanges as well.

As unprecedented amounts of data are generated (and captured) by people's participation in a variety of networks and markets, Array is sharing the wealth of that information.