Mr. Buffet Won't be Attending

Millions of times each day, people are tweeting about investments.  In an earlier post, we shared a list of the stocks that get the most attention.  What about the ones that get the least?

There are a couple of ways to think about that, as our team details on a new "side project" blog dedicated to social data matters.  Micro-blogging platforms have evolved to such an extent that there is now a demonstrable correlation between trading and tweeting.  Which means we can watch for divergence between what happens with a stock in the marketplace and what happens on Twitter and StockTwits.  For example, are people transacting in a stock a lot more (or less) than they are tweeting about it?

The answer is yes.  And in 2014, one stock stood apart from all the rest for being tweeted about much less than it was traded.  In fact, its ratio was more than 13 TIMES worse than average. That stock?  Warren Buffet's Berkshire-Hathaway.

Your investment style and time horizon will likely determine whether that is a good thing or a bad thing -- but it's a real thing.  So if you're interested in either social data or financial markets or (like us) both, it's worth reading the original research.